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April is Parkinson's Awareness Month!

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Click on the Blue Bar below and go the Rock Steady Page for the Bob Freesen YMCA. To watch videos on Rock Steady Boxing on this link, go to the top of the page and click on WATCH VIDEOS. There will be a variety of videos for you to watch.

Special Classes for 

Parkinson's Disease Patients

Great news from the Jacksonville YMCA! We have now scheduled PD exercise classes.

If you or someone you know have Parkinson's and are looking for ways to keep moving, this class was designed for you. Come learn how to combat the common symptoms of PD by increasing your strength, stamina, agility and confidence with movement. Classes are taught by trained, certified instructors to help those of all levels of ability.

American Parkinson Disease Associaton Certified Classes with Certified Instructors:


Movement / Circuit Classes / Rock Steady Class

Classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson's disease. Along with improving overall health, exercise has been shown to help manage Parkinson's symptoms and improve quality of life.

Free with YMCA Membership

$5 per class for non-members

Rock Steady Boxing is HERE NOW!!!

Click below to See Gary Get Swinging!!

When Gary gets swinging, you better stand back!

A frequently asked question: “Is there medical evidence that shows exercise can help alleviate Parkinson’s symptoms?”

YES! The value of exercise has been corroborated in several studies showing that exercise induces brain repair and accompanying behavioral recovery.


Focus on the concept of intense “forced” exercise, such as the type done in Rock Steady Boxing classes, suggests that certain types of exercise are Neuro-protective, which means that it is a type of exercise that may actually slow disease progression.

Call the Y at (217) 245-2141 to find out more about our Parkinson’s classes.

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